Suggested Meal Plan

Written by Brenda McGuire, MS,RD,LD,CDE,BC-ADM
Registered/Licensed Dietitian
Certified Diabetes Educator
Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management


Eight- 8oz glasses a day.

Hydration is an important part of the treatment plan for successful Zerona results.  Drink eight 8oz glasses of water throughout the day.  Our bodies actually need 12 glasses a day for hydration, and we obtain about 4-5 glasses through foods we eat. 



Stay away from sodas and tea that contain caffeine.  Caffeine acts as a diuretic and causes dehydration.



No alcohol before and during your Zerona treatment plan.

Your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system need to be focused on helping purge the excess fat that Zerona will be eliminating. 


Maintain your regular workout.  If you do not work out, walk at least 30 minutes a day.  Other things you can do to increase your activity:

o   Park further away from the stores

o   Take the stairs, not the elevators

o   Walk inside the shopping mall and “window shop”

o   Pick a TV show and walk in place while watching

Reduce your fat intake.  Guidelines for women are 40-60grams of fat per day and men are 50-70grams per day.  These are the same guidelines you should be following every day for a healthy heart.


How Much Fat Can I Eat?

Your Total Daily Calories

Recommended Maximum Calories From Fat

Recommended Maximum Grams of Fat*


400 to 560

44 to 62


450 to 630

50 to 70


500 to 700

56 to 78

Reading The Food Label

A low fat food will have 3 grams of fat or less per serving. When reading food labels, be sure to look at 2 places: the serving size and the total fat.

This label shows 3 grams of  fat per ˝ cup serving.  If you ate the entire package, that
would be 39 grams of fat!


When reading food packages, be aware of the Labeling of reduced fat- it may not be much of reduction!



Foods High In Fat

Fat is usually high in food groups such as
dairy foods, meats, and fats itself.


Whole milk

Regular cheeses

Sour cream

Ice cream


Fried meats

Dark meat












60 calories per serving
Good sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals

Buy fresh fruits or canned fruits in water.  Limit fruit juices, they have less fiber and the calories can add up quickly.


25 calories per serving
High in Fiber (keeps you fuller longer)
Good snack choices

Choose fresh and frozen vegetables.  Spray margarine is a nice choice when steaming, baking, or cooking vegetables.


80-800 calories per serving!


Choose whole wheat breads, whole grain crackers, brown rice, beans, corn, lentils.


90-150 calories per serving
Good source of calcium and Vitamin D


Choose skim milk, margarine, light yogurts (which make a great snack or dessert), low fat or fat free cheeses.


90-150 calories per ounce!
“loin” or “round” has less fat


Choose red meats that are sirloin or ground round, as well as “choice” or “select” grades.  White meats are leaner than dark meats, so choose chicken breast, pork loin, turkey breast.  Remember to remove the skin to reduce the fat further. 


Corn oil
Olive oil

When cooking, choose methods such as bake, broil, and steam


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